Working as part of a full-service creative, experiential and demand generation B2B agency, the strategist develops and presents strategic marketing recommendations for a range of clients. Reporting to the Business Consulting and Strategy Director, and multi-tasking over a number of projects, the role is an exciting one.

You will be part of our APAC team, building brand and demand platforms for our clients with the collective ambition to make real brand and behavioural changes, not just through marketing campaigns but by being true strategic partners with our clients. We’re moving towards multidisciplinary teams that can bring the customer experience to life including:

  • Marketing and business strategy
  • Brand, value prop, product and service positioning
  • Customer experience design and digital innovation
  • Content strategy and development

Strategists are the foundation of any project and provide the team with information gleaned from studying markets for relevant data. The ability to think beyond a project is also important, as strategists must establish where any plan will take a client. The strategist knows both the client and the target market, inside out.

In this role, you help ensure the agency provides:

  • A strategic anchor for our multidisciplinary team: understanding business context, uncovering insights and category white space, exploring and defining growth opportunities, architecting strategy, leading or participating in working sessions, communicating vision, and ultimately helping turn our client’s ‘ideas’ into customer experiences
  • Innovator- and influencer-level communications
  • Work that is effective and above all ‘creative’

Typical activities:

  • Researching and gathering data to develop well-informed strategic plans for clients
  • Examining clients’ businesses to get to know their brands, their customers, and to understand their objectives and audiences
  • Conducting interviews with sales, subject matter experts and customers to inform insights
  • Running or participating in client workshops to create relationships and inform the approach
  • Crafting value propositions, messaging across industries and audiences
  • Conducting content audits and creating a gap analysis for content development
  • Producing cohesive and intelligent plans to bring success to campaigns
  • Generating original Turning Heads ideas with other members of the team
  • Presenting findings and strategic approach to senior staff members and clients

Skills required:

Every client requires a slightly different skill set, so a strategist needs a wide range of abilities. These include:

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience (8 for Sr Strategist) brand/marketing/communications strategy, experience in integrated, brand and digital communications in the technology space
  • Experience with ABM is not required but is a definite plus
  • A solution-focused approach, able to work across a range of projects with clients in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to think and plan across the customer experience, from initial interaction to brand advocate (emotional vs rational decision making, content and conversation requirements, motivational CTAs)
  • Interest in and aptitude for creative business and marketing solutions
  • A talent for telling great stories—verbally and visually—and able to deliver insights about people and behaviour in a way that generates empathy, emotion, and engagement
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Working knowledge of all functional agency departments, capabilities and service areas
  • An understanding of (and/or a passion to learn) a wide range of industries, markets and brands, and what it takes to stand out and service them
  • Be self-motivated and wanting to expand your knowledge

A great strategist will have an almost obsessive desire to ensure your research and thinking generates head-turning results. Often working closely with clients, it is important to give them confidence in your capabilities and campaign plans.

MOI is a very collaborative environment, and you will be part of a team of strategists that are motivated to change the way B2B operates on the planet. Creativity runs throughout everything we do, which makes for a very dynamic, high-potency team and approach to partnering with B2B clients that is unique in our industry.

At MOI, we take you for you, ensuring you have the space to be yourself, to operate at your highest-best. And to turn the heads that count in B2B.

About MOI:

When today’s always-on world means your buyers can research, reject, or shortlist your brand without even talking to you, we’ll get you into the conversation. MOI Global is a B2B creative agency connecting you with a new breed of buyer. Re-engineering your marketing eco-system to target the places they hang out and the people they listen to.

With offices in Weybridge, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney, we help our clients deliver head turning campaigns that target international and local markets. Our services cover all aspects of a buyer's omni-channel world, including digital, social media, events, direct mail and telemarketing. Clients include Oracle, Google Cloud, Meta, Fujifilm, Grab and Red Hat.

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